One of the great things about having a kid, is that you get to have a perfect excuse for indulging in age-inappropriate things.

My son LOVED Cartoon Network when he was little. So...I had to watch it. And I really enjoyed Megas XLR the story of a slacker, Coop, and his slacker friend, whose expertise at video games got him a gig driving a giant robot from the future,fighting off bad guy aliens.
Megas XLR had the most rocking theme tune (see below) great adventures each week as Kiva a warrior woman from the future tried to get Coop to...well pay attention and fight properly. But Coop- and his friend Jamie couldn't concentrate on much.And Coop when driving Megas, tended to smash up his immediate surroundings whilst fighting the badguys.The running gag was that huge swathes of New Jersey got trashed each week. To no effect.(Don't ask me why it was a gag, I'm a Brit)

Anyhoo, the coolest bad guy of them all was a...metallic lifeform called the R.E.G.I.S Mark V. Who was all 'Cower you puny mortals before the might of the indomitable Regis,' and 'Your planet shall be destroyed, turned back into the cosmic dust from whence it came' even as its monologues were constantly being interrupted as trucks ran it over,buildings fell on it etc. The Regis Mark V was pure EGO.Its idea of a friendly chat was 'Do not panic. I shall kill you quickly'. It loved to muse over rhetorical questions such as 'Is there anyone who can face the sheer might and power of the Regis Mark V?' It had no doubt. And absolutely could not be stopped...(Terminators? Pah!)

Here are some highlights.. The Regis

and, the Theme tune 'Giant Robots!'

Let's hear it for the band who played this, Ragtime Revolutionaries

You, dig giant robots!
I, dig giant robots!
We, dig giant robots!
Chicks, dig giant robots!

Oh, they don't write theme tune lyrics like they used to. :(


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