Would you believe I got this music video off my Friends page? (That's the wonder of blogs. You never know who/what you may link or be linked to, or wha might come up on an RSS feed)

This music video tells a complete (short) story, that could spark great ideas for a film. Its wonderful because you have a female central character, its set in an Indian town/suburb, theres a good soundtrack, danger, mystery... AND SCIENCE FICTION ELEMENTS!

Yeah. What do we want? Science Fiction! Set in African, Asian, Arab countries, with protagonists from those countries. And we want stories where indigenous peoples - North or South America, Australasia, or the Indian sub-continent, or Inuit- are the heroes, the tellers of the tale,who save usfrom the aliens!!

Damnit- I want a scifi tv film that is set amongst the Dogon, rooted in their cosmology...

My Friends page gets TED, but I don't know how many people read my Friends page :)
I know I read a number of other peoples' LJ Friends pages religiously- xanthe, cesperanaza, minxy- are the key ones. Thanks to them, I've found and seen a TON of fabulous stuff. The video below, I found on Cesperanza's Friends page- she has fabulous stuff on there, plus is one of the best writers in fandom EVER.(Read "Written by the Victors" if you don't believe me..)

This appeared on her page, via TED. An organisation that I plan to one day do something vital enough to get to speak at one of their happenings. They have events with people from around the Globe presenting ideas in all fields. This video -on the TED site and my Friends page- is of an engineer called Michael Pritchard. He got fired up by The Tsunami of 2004 and Katrina a few months later to come up with a way that disaster victims could get clean water, cheaply, without needing infrastructure, coming into tent cities-where disease could spread- or the need to ship over millions of bottled water. A filtration system that could filter out bacteria and viruses, so people could use muddy river etc water.

Fantastic for International Disasters.

But I think its most powerful impact could be in poor countries where private, western water companies have moved in, and are making a killing.Formerly public systems of water delivery have- at IMF/World Bank pressure- been privatised, with disastrous results. Clean,drinkable water could save the lives of MILLIONS of children each year.

So, lets do our bit. Spread the idea, first. Action next.

Here it is. Watch it. Spread it. You can grab a version to embed on your Blog from YouTube.



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