Would you believe I got this music video off my Friends page? (That's the wonder of blogs. You never know who/what you may link or be linked to, or wha might come up on an RSS feed)

This music video tells a complete (short) story, that could spark great ideas for a film. Its wonderful because you have a female central character, its set in an Indian town/suburb, theres a good soundtrack, danger, mystery... AND SCIENCE FICTION ELEMENTS!

Yeah. What do we want? Science Fiction! Set in African, Asian, Arab countries, with protagonists from those countries. And we want stories where indigenous peoples - North or South America, Australasia, or the Indian sub-continent, or Inuit- are the heroes, the tellers of the tale,who save usfrom the aliens!!

Damnit- I want a scifi tv film that is set amongst the Dogon, rooted in their cosmology...

This comes from the Conceptional Illustration for an African Science Fiction Story.Can't wait for it to come to fruition. Found out about it via the Black Science Fiction Society. Go visit the artist's gorgeous website, his name is Nando Nkrumah:

Watchmen, TrueBlood,BSG,COE*, Star Trek, Misfits,
Dr Who, Avatar,
2009 = a great year for SciFi!

*Torchwood: Children of Earth!

(Sorry, District 9. Nice concept, but too much racism in the execution thereof)

And Zoe Saldana Rocks!
(and Sigourney's still got it)


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