See the Trailer...

I'm so excited! A young Kenyan woman is the director. At the moment, its a short, but here's hoping that its goood, that she gets the money to turn it into a full length feature, and that we get to see it in cinemas, or at least on DVD.

Just think- first African scifi film!

And no, 'District 9' doesnt count.Great acting by the main character. Great look. Fab action. But JAW DROPPINGLY RACIST.What with Africans being in it as, oh cannibals, gangsters, prostitutes, with one token minor good guy. But none of the talking head experts could be African, nor the central protagonist, or main a film that was shot on African soil, and supposed to be an allegory about racism :( . My teenage son still does a pisstake on the Nigerian gangster leader wanting to eat the central character's alien arm to 'get his pow-wah!'.


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