The last day of the season was unbelieveably edge of seat!
At least 6 teams facing HUGE repercussions.
The match that dominated everything, was- of course- Manchester City versus Queens Park Rangers. Both NEEDED to win. Man City to get their first League title for 44 years. QPR to avoid relegation to the league below and a massive drop in income.

It was hard to decide who to root for.

Man City- 20 years in the shadow of Man United.The grim failure of it. But now, they are rich, bought by a fabulously wealthy owner, spent over £400m on players.
QPR a proud club with a long tradition which has had great players. Not having had the investment they needed. And their manager had been unjustly sacked when manager of Man City.

Ooohhh. Pure Soap Opera.

If Man City win, they snatch the league title from the jaws of the arrogant, almighty Man United.
Well, they outclassed QPR on paper, so we all thought the match would be one sided.
Not at all!

QPR were amazing- fought, fought and fought again.Went 2-1 ahead and were in the lead up to 90 mins into the game.
And then...
The 92nd minute- a header from Dzeko made them 2-2. But word had already come through of Man United winning their match, and claiming the title.Some City fans had started leaving the ground in tears. Mancini the manager of Man City, and all the coaching staff are screaming, screaming at the players to attack, shouting for everyone to go forward. but its too late. They're in the last minute of extra time...then Agüero gets the ball, puts it in the net.

And Man City have done it. Finally.

If they'd made a film that ended like that, we'd have scoffed and said typical Hollwood cheese.
But it actually happened.

I thought the loss at the end meant that QPR- who had been the better team throughout the match, and fought even when down to 10 men after that asshole Joey Barton was sent off- were definately relegated- but poor old Bolton got the chop. Phew!
Sorry, Bolton fans!
I'm an Arsenal fan- armchair only- and we started the season so atrociously I cant believe where we finished up. We've got the 3rd place, so...still in Champions League next year. :)

Weird to think that if Chelsea lose next week, they wont be in the Champion's League next year....I hope de Matteo gets to keep the manager job, he's earned it.

And yeah, one has to feel glad for Man City after 44 years. Noel Gallagher of Oasis has been insufferable all day. Much of BBC Radio has been going on and on about yesterday's shennanigans with the various Premier League matches, and Man City fans' delerium. News is on the radio now of massive celebrations in Manchester.
And, I repeat, Joey Barton was an asshole. He should never be allowed to play for QPR again, doing that in a match so important. Tevez is an asshole. He should never be allowed to play for Man City again, having had a strop and gone AWOL for 4/5 months in Argentina.


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