Saphire,author of the incredible Novel, 'Push' now a stunning movie called 'Precious' gives an interview to Katie Couric

Watch. It.

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I'm waiting to see it over here, in London. I do have some criticisms about the 'colourism' in the film (the black people who are kind and decent are very light skinned, a choice made by the black director when casting. Who has admitted HE has a colour complex,and used to favour fair skinned blacks over dark ones:( ) which is a major problem in our community, and which in the book is something that afflicts Precious-who yearns to be light...the director's casting choices actually undermine the author's intentions.The writer has a dark skinned character who is crucial to helping Precious and is a role model for her. But still, despite that, kudos to Lee Daniel, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey for bringing this film to the screen. And in Gabourey Sidibe, playing Precious, a new star is born.


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